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Pallette Series


The idea of an artwork as a tool, which can be used both mentally and physically for particular meaning construction. It is a process where local parameters and patterns are extracted. The parameters can be a sound, smell or a particular material found in the street or a shop, or a character of the city and they all might create a network and inter-connections between each other to form an artwork. With various acquired artistic skills the artist decides which technique to use for the particular situation.
This method might be coined as art engineering.
There is a structure in the work but there’s also emergence as well, creating new paths. The palette might look like an architectural model or perhaps a sort of electronic microchip or letters embedded in the sculptural dynamism.  The Palette is a tool and an artwork at the same time, creating its meaning for the viewer depending which way he or she follows the structural and texture paths of the piece as well as the inner minds associations.

The works have been made during the European Investment Bank residency in 2013, consisting of a triptych, Palette number 1, 2, 3,

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