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Sahara Signal

Color, sound, 06:37 min. / 2017

A film by Jokūbas Čižikas

Stemming from the Athenian context, the work reflects on the current issues of migration, displacement, resistance and the perspective of the Other. The title originates from the Sahara sand brought to europe by wind. Made throughout the period of Documenta 14 in Athens, between February and July, 2017..

The text originally composed as a reader for the solo exhibition Raptor's Eye.

Sahara Signal was commisioned by The Deep Splash.

A single click has opened up the content of today. It is as if you are living by the moment, disregarding time, watching events unfold and enact emerging impulses. Some rays pass through the retina. The pulsating beams intensify with every move. Gradually the eyes become red, they fill up with sand particles and the images become blurry. It goes so deep it causes disturbances in memory. You see the afterimages of what was about to become your next best shot in winning the lottery. It is not clear to whom the numbers belong to. It may be coming from a signal from a field far away, foreign to the human breed.


Right now there are heavy magnetic winds, tears start to form causing patterns to flash by as like through a prism or snowflake. You remember the path towards your home as sand starts to drip down onto the marble pavement leaving traces for others to follow. The shadows tell you more than cyclones or competitive flocks. You always knew that migration will bring a delay to the personal life. You scan through the land looking for prey and as cold blood starts sliding into the heart vessels and start pumping, you locate a pixel in the distance.


While zooming into the origins of behaviour, a deformed parliament appears. With members looking like some amateur drag racers, hookers, click-baits and architecture resembling the forebrain basal, it draws you to crawl inside. A few strange tools are lying on the ground but you still haven’t found the one to cure your curse of living in the moment. An ancient rock just smashed through a window. There is a feeling dwelling in the air that you might have bad luck. Your experience confronts the way the evil eye works and the resistant skin will protect you against just about anything.

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