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jokubas cizikas

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The Soulseek project delves into multiple histories of invention, experiments with emergence of conception and technology. The works presented in the exhibition contain layers from a few inventions like the faraday cage, hyperlink, cloud, cyberspace amongst others.

The exhibition seeks for the moment in which an idea is imagined to its potential.


The invention of the hyperlink in the late 1960’s by Douglas Engelbart which has come from an early childhood experience: “He would draw threads from old burlap sacks, re-twist them in multiple strands, then knot the resulting rope into a swing to carry him back and forth across the stream below. Thirty years later he invented the hyperlink, which has a very similar function, that is to say it is a twist of code swinging data from one point to another.”


The Soulseek project explores the term cyberspace which was coined by a Danish artist duo Sussane Ussing and Carsten Hoff while working under the name Atelier Cyberspace in the late 1960’s. Before the digital age and its usage of the term the fine artist duo had created sensory spaces and architectural installations envisioning a sort of analog techno-materialism.


The exhibition invites visitors to experience the artworks as events occurring from their internal relationship. These object-events are mediated by the viewer and enacted into a visionary state.

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